3 Steps To Digital Transformation

Social media, web design and mobile phone applications are gaining ground as the new platforms on which modern businesses are targeting their audience, running the marketing campaigns and closing sales. As a business that aims to survive the rigors of the digital wave, here are steps to transform your operations gradually;

1. Make Small Steps Towards The Direction You Are Headed

This means that a business must be ready to evolve into a level of maturity where its appetite for change is driven by its ability to scale up to the needs of the market. Typically, this process will take time and most people will not have the resources needed to drive the change all at once. Mapping out your operations target and laying out the roadmap for IT support will help to have everyone on the same page. Whichever approach you decide is best for your business, being quick to identify and celebrate deliberate wins will curve out your success path.

2. Introduce Mechanisms That Govern The Digital Move

This stage is what can be called the adaptation phase because it comes after proof that the digitization of operations is possible. After you have witnessed the fruits of deliberate change, the next step is to ensure that your newly earned credibility remains constant. Simply coordinating the operations of different departments is not going to work. When you notice that the efforts of the first step are taking shape, it is time to plan strategically for the future and define governance mechanisms. You will know that your business is passed this stage if you develop a solid digital operations model that delivers digital capabilities to both customers and employees.

3. Alter The Framework To Position For Success

Once you have a clear operational strategy that has proven its effectiveness, it is now time to channel your energy towards managing your portfolio and creating a lean budget. Instead of funding an entire project from start to finish, it may be more productive to fund strategic initiatives that enhance the outcome of multiple projects.

Aligning your business to the trending digital forces requires courage, research, proper timing and openness to new ideas. If you will be able to maximize your business revenue in a fast and predictable manner based on this transformation, the future of your business will be something to be proud of.

Paul Smith

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