Here’s how our lives will completely change when cars finally drive themselves

Despite cars not driving themselves yet, today’s latest car models are fully equipped with sensors, cameras and other devices to help us with parking, driving, checking angles, braking, steering etc… However, plenty of lingering questions about self-driving cars remain: how will we communicate with the car? What if the car makes a mistake? Here, we’ll show you how we think our lives will be when cars can finally fully and safely drive themselves.

Traffic congestion could actually get worse

Yes, self-driving cars means less accidents and traffic jams, but removing such inconveniences may lead more people to pick up these vehicles. What’s more, low-cost options will be available eventually, so more and more people will be using them on a regular basis.

It’s to be expected that driving licenses won’t be as hard to obtain. Thus, more people will be able to drive, and buy a car. Reducing accidents and driving difficulty could actually make traffic congestion worse than it originally was. As such, that also raises the question of whether alternative transport options will still be relevant or necessary at all.

Cars could be an undeniable crime witnesses

Self-driving cars will come with cameras that constantly record what’s going on around. They will be specifically studied in order to study the vehicle’s surroundings. This not only will help the car navigate, but help for criminal investigations.

If a car accident occurs too, it’ll record what happened and cases will be resolved easily and quickly. Autonomous cars could be saving and uploading every part of their collected data. 

Air bags can be eliminated

No more accidents means direct protection won’t necessarily be needed. At least, direct protection can be suppressed. The “driver” will be less exposed to the dangers of driving. Many safety features currently built into cars would surely be removed. That will have a direct impact on the car’s price, as the driver will never be at risk, unless the car makes a mistake.  

Cars would then be less heavy, less complicated; research would be more oriented towards other aspects of the car than security.

No more searching for parking

Parking data will be automatically transferred to your car. No need to circle the block for hours, as your vehicle will already know where you can park before you even reach the parking. What’s even crazier is that you could potentially get out of your car at your destination , and it’ll find a place to park itself, perhaps even miles away.

All you’d need to do is “call” it back through an app. This would modify the core itself of our transportation habits, due to the fact that cars would simply be everywhere, and prioritized over tramways, trains etc… 

Everything will be quicker than things already are

By that, we’ll be saving time on so many more things: no need to wash your car, to bring it to a repair center, to put back gas in it. That is because absolutely all of these will be performed by the car’s algorithm in itself. You won’t ever need to worry about your car’s condition, or about damaging it, because accidents won’t be a thing anymore.

What if it all goes wrong?

However, despite how good all of this may sound, you could always imagine the worse. What if cars got hacked? What if the car makes a mistake or the car’s driving malfunctions? The consequences could be disastrous. All the streets could end up completely blocked, thousands of people could fall victim to technology. 

That is a risk that many seem to be willing to take though, as we are constantly striving for more technology and ways of improving our lifestyles.

In conclusion, your daily life will likely get faster and undergo drastic changes if cars can drive themselves. Until then, enjoy your car and make the best out of it.

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