The Myth Behind Electric Cars

If someone offered you to trade your car for an electric operated one, what are the reasons or questions that would stop you from doing so? These are probably the same reasons and questions that everyone else might have. Whether it is about range, pricing, or charging it is understandable, yet quite outdated. We are in the year 2019 and the concerns over electrical cars are just not practical anymore. I am here to debunk any myth you may have keeping you from purchasing an electrical car and partaking in helping our planet.

Most concerns people have are the idea of relying on electricity. Two of the top four concerns are related to the convenience of being able to charge your car and the reliability of how far you can go off of a full battery. These concerns come from the anxiety of having to maintain your electrical car compared to being able to get gas on any street corner. For those who have purchased an electrical car soon find out it isn’t a concern at all and may be more convenient to have a car you can fuel at home. Factors such as incentives and running costs are not taken into account when thinking about owning an electrical vehicle. The number of public charging stations are growing and growing, but charging at work or home while parked are options people don’t consider. 

The second most common reason is the narrative of electrical vehicles being too expensive. What consumers don’t take into account are the incentives and rebates you get when purchasing an electrical vehicle. For example if an electrical vehicle is priced at $35,000 after you deduct the savings from incentives and rebates the car can come out to anywhere from $25,000-$30,000. It is even cheaper if you include the savings from gas and maintenance costs bringing the price even lower which is the average price of a new car on the market today. 

The myth behind electrical vehicles may be whats keeping many Americans today from buying them. With any concerns or questions you may have I urge you to not write them off but instead do your research. Perhaps you could even go and test drive and be informed more. The issue isn’t about pricing or convenience. The real issue is education and how much is really known about electrical vehicles that are taking steps towards a more eco friendly planet.

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